Summary of TADSummit EMEA Americas Week 3 (16-20th Nov)

This weblog summarises the presentations given during TADSummit EMEA Americas Week 3. Thank you to all the presenters and our sponsors: Automat BerlinGoContactRadisys, and Sangoma for making TADSummit possible.

We’re seeing 100-120 views per day on the TADSummit Channel, with excellent discussions in the comments section of the weblogs. Even on the weekends we’re seeing 40 views per day. While we can not replicate the experience of meeting face to face, we can ensure the content and discussion are world-class.

Here’s some weekend viewing / reading :)

Adventures in Real-Time Communications in the Cloud, Manuel Pombo, GoContact

Open Source Telecom Software Survey 2020, Alan Quayle

Cloud Native Function for 5G success, Grzegorz Sikora, OVOO

Fighting Fraud and Delivering Frictionless Customer Experience in the Contact Centre, Abhinav Anand, Smartnumbers

Innovator Interview: Lantre Barr, Founder & CEO of Blacc Spot Media

Building the SureVoIP App, Gavin Henry

Challenges of creating a multi sided marketplace, Marius Waldum, Working Group Two

Getting started with data visualization. Seeing patterns in telecom data. David Curran.

Innovator Interview: Mark Diaz, Chief Executive Officer Vinix

The Difference Between Your Project Succeeding or Burning To A Crisp Is Actually You. Dan Jenkins

VoIP Monitoring As A Code With SIP3, Oleg Agafonov

You can see all the published presentations in the TADSummit EMEA Americas agenda. One more week to go!

TADSummit EMEA Americas agenda


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