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TADSummit Revisited, Manjeet Singh, CEO Elucit Software / Pinig

Manjeet Singh, CEO Elucit Software / Pinig presented in the Telestax slot at TADSummit. This was an important evolution of TADSummit, where the customer presentation is more important than the platform presentation.  We’re moving from a technology bias to a business bias. You can see his slides and presentation below. On Wednesday 13th January at 8:30 AM, … Continue reading TADSummit Revisited, Manjeet Singh, CEO Elucit Software / Pinig

TADSummit Revisited, In-depth Q&A

Thanks for everyone’s feedback on TADSummit. To address the area for improvement in enabling  more discussion and Q&A on the presentations given during TADSummit. The plan is to run a weekly “TADSummit Revisited” Hangout OnAir session every Wednesday. The exact time will depend on the locations of the people joining the Hangout. We’ll gather off-line questions, … Continue reading TADSummit Revisited, In-depth Q&A

TADSummit Day 1 Morning Plenary

The morning plenary of Day 1 was back-to-back presentations from the people changing the face of telecoms, thanks to their APIs, platforms (open and closed source), processes, and vision. We kicked off with founding sponsor Tropo, who was recently bought by Cisco. Being a TADSummit sponsor makes you a hot property for M&A, with founding sponsor … Continue reading TADSummit Day 1 Morning Plenary

Why TADSummit is Special

TADSummit is bigger, better and more intense than ever, its special: 15 sponsors: WSO2.Telco, Ubuntu, Truphone, Tropo, Telestax, Oracle, Nexmo, Metaswitch, Matrix, Huawei, hSenid Mobile, Genband, Ericsson, Dialogic, and APIdaze. 22 partners: Thanks to CMTelecom, Opencell, Zoiper; and existing partners Tyntec, VUC, webrtcH4CKS, and Disruptive Analysis for all their help and support. 7 events happening around TADSummit: Cloud … Continue reading Why TADSummit is Special