Welcome to the TADS Weblog

The TADS weblog will try to lead the conversation on how we create the telecom application developer ecosystem with topics from all interested parties.  We’ll kick off with some interviews on why the sponsors are involved; to help explain the unique event we’re creating.  From that we’ll dive into technical and business issues, from comparing open source telecom software alternatives to help developers select the right one for them; to sharing successes from developers creating new services and simply running their business more successfully with telecom applications.

As a reminder:

  • TADS (Telecom Application Developer Summit) is the ONLY GLOBAL MEETING place for Developers who want to learn, share, code and create with the latest technologies in free and open source telecom software, telecom APIs, unique telecom application platforms, and WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications).
  • TADS is for Telcos wanting to discover new services and to understand how to work with telecom app developers to bring successful innovations to market. The global market for telecom network API is estimated to be as much as $157 billion by 2018, (source: Mind Commerce).
  • TADS is a grassroots initiative from the people building this industry, Developers and Telcos can together create a sustainable and profitable telecom application ecosystem.  This is an important point, it’s not some preordained brown-nosed middle-manager laden initiative, it’s about telecoms geeks and those who help bring their innovations to market. Being part of TADS means you’re making a difference in our industry.