Welcome to TADSummit Asia 2020

Welcome to TADSummit Asia 2020. The focus of TADSummit is programmable communications / telecoms. Some people prefer communications, others telecoms, we do not mind either is OK. Thank you to our sponsors for making TADSummit Asia 2020 possible:  Sangoma, Asterisk, VoIP Innovations (Apidaze), and TeleSign. We’ll be featuring the TeleSign TeleTalks through the year in the TADSummit agenda, with the … Continue reading Welcome to TADSummit Asia 2020

TADSummit Asia Agenda

It’s been a busy start to the year with TADHack Phoenix in February and TADHack Orlando Online in March. In those events it’s been impressive to see how programmable telecoms / communications (CXTech) is becoming mainstream with developers; and how rich the CXTech stack has become, for example including bot frameworks. All of the hacks in Phoenix, and … Continue reading TADSummit Asia Agenda