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Open Source Review TADSummit 2022

These TADSummit 2022 reviews are a chance to give all the excellent content deserved attention and add my commentary on its importance. In this article I cover the presentations focused on Open Source, the bedrock of programmable communications. Here are the links to the review of the Keynotes, to my presentation What Happened Since we … Continue reading Open Source Review TADSummit 2022

Welcome to TADSummit Asia 2021 + Programmable Communications Review

Thank you for joining us for TADSummit Asia 2021. Since 2013 TADSummit has focused on programmable communications. This year we have special themes on conversational intelligence, identity and fraud, open source, and quantum computing. There’s no registration, content is freely available. Everything will be posted on the agenda: https://blog.tadsummit.com/2021/02/16/tadsummit-asia-2021-agenda/. Presentations are pre-recorded, released one per … Continue reading Welcome to TADSummit Asia 2021 + Programmable Communications Review

TADS 2021

TL;DR for TADS 2021 TADSummit Asia 2021, online through May. TADHack Global 2021, hybrid (in-person and online) the weekend before Enterprise Connect on 25/26 September. TADSummit EMEA Americas 2021, hybrid (in-person and online) 10/11 November, Wednesday/Thursday. At the moment, the main challenge is getting sponsors on board to make these events possible. We’ll be grateful for any … Continue reading TADS 2021

TADSummit EMEA Americas Agenda

TADSummit EMEA Americas agenda is focused on fair, frank, and independent advice / education for the rest of us in programmable communications / telecoms who are not wrapped up in the BABS (Bay Area BS) machine 🙂 Thank you to all the presenters as well as our sponsors: Automat Berlin, GoContact, Radisys, and Sangoma for making TADSummit EMEA … Continue reading TADSummit EMEA Americas Agenda

The Universal Telecom API in Asia Panel Discussion

TADSummit Asia 2020 Panel Discussion: Why Asia could be the best region for a Universal Telecom API Asia is unique in programmable telecoms (CXTech). We’ve not yet seen dominant region-wide CPaaS providers (like Twilio in North America) nor dominant telcos (like Vodafone in Europe) nor broad adoption of UCaaS/CCaaS by enterprises. Developer adoption of communication … Continue reading The Universal Telecom API in Asia Panel Discussion

Programmable Telecoms: What is in IT for Telcos? by Sebastian Schumann

Programmable Telecoms – What is in IT for Telcos? by Sebastian Schumann, Technology & Innovation at Deutsche Telekom Sebastian’s presentation does a great job of bridging the thinking across the traditional telco world, and the CPaaS world (or CXTech world). He explains the NT (Network Technology) / IT (Information Technology) view within telcos, where IT … Continue reading Programmable Telecoms: What is in IT for Telcos? by Sebastian Schumann

Status of WebRTC across Asia

Status of WebRTC across Asia by Alan Quayle, with the help of experts contributing to the reality, not the hype, of WebRTC. It’s 2020, WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications) became known in 2011 when Google open sourced intellectual property it had bought in previous years. Gossip about those acquisitions began in 2009. The IETF (Internet Engineering Task … Continue reading Status of WebRTC across Asia

TADSummit Asia Agenda

It’s been a busy start to the year with TADHack Phoenix in February and TADHack Orlando Online in March. In those events it’s been impressive to see how programmable telecoms / communications (CXTech) is becoming mainstream with developers; and how rich the CXTech stack has become, for example including bot frameworks. All of the hacks in Phoenix, and … Continue reading TADSummit Asia Agenda

TADSummit 2020 (Update)

Given all the events run by corporations, trade bodies, and professional event organizers; why should TADSummit exist in 2020? Especially given programmable telecoms / communications is no longer a hot topic. Firstly, communications is fundamental to the human condition, it’s not going away. Secondly, now it is programmable, we are only beginning to scratch the … Continue reading TADSummit 2020 (Update)

TADSummit EMEA 2019 Summary

TADSummit began in 2013, focused on Programmable Telecoms (Telecom APIs back then). We get a diverse mix of people, with telcos, CPaaS/UCaaS/CCaaS providers, developers, and enterprises. The diversity and the small size (about 70 in total this year) create an insightful and fun event. A big thank you to our sponsors Wazo, VoIP Innovations (now Sangoma), TeleSign, Automat Berlin, SiPalto for making … Continue reading TADSummit EMEA 2019 Summary