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Register Now! Only 5 Weeks to TADSummit 2022

Firstly, thank you to RingCentral, Radisys, Stacuity, STROLID, Broadvoice / GoContact and AWA Network / Automat Berlin for sponsoring TADSummit 2022. Without their support this event would not take place. TADSummit is the thought-leadership event in programmable communications for ten years, yep, TADSummit is 10 years old! The world-class agenda is here: TADSummit 2022 agenda. It will generate an excellent return on your investment of … Continue reading Register Now! Only 5 Weeks to TADSummit 2022

Weekend Insights from Week 2 of TADSummit Asia 2021

This weblog provides an easy way to access all the presentations from week 2 of TADSummit Asia 2021’s presentations.

TADS 2021

TL;DR for TADS 2021 TADSummit Asia 2021, online through May. TADHack Global 2021, hybrid (in-person and online) the weekend before Enterprise Connect on 25/26 September. TADSummit EMEA Americas 2021, hybrid (in-person and online) 10/11 November, Wednesday/Thursday. At the moment, the main challenge is getting sponsors on board to make these events possible. We’ll be grateful for any … Continue reading TADS 2021

Summary of TADSummit EMEA Americas Week 2 (9-13th Nov)

This weblog summarises the presentations given during TADSummit EMEA Americas Week 2. Thank you to all the presenters and our sponsors: Automat Berlin, GoContact, Radisys, and Sangoma for making TADSummit possible. With a packed agenda we’ve moved to 2 sessions per day, else we’ll be running into the middle of December. We’re seeing 80-100 views per day on the TADSummit Channel, with excellent … Continue reading Summary of TADSummit EMEA Americas Week 2 (9-13th Nov)

Programmable Telecoms inside a Telco by Jesus Cruz Manjavacas

Programmable Telecoms inside a Telco, by Jesus Cruz Manjavacas, VAS Development Expert at PLAY. Below are the video and slides, followed by my summary of the presentation. If you have any questions for Jesus ask in the comments or contact him directly. Video and Slides Slideshare is having difficulties today, here’s a direct link to Jesus’s slides. … Continue reading Programmable Telecoms inside a Telco by Jesus Cruz Manjavacas

A Slice of TADSummit Asia: Innovator Interviews

In this series of weblogs, A Slice of TADSummit, we review a few of the themes from TADSummit Asia. Some of the most viewed videos came from this segment: Innovator Interviews. It was my favorite segment because of the focus on people, their experiences, their advice, and also the common threads across the interviews. With no pre-planning, … Continue reading A Slice of TADSummit Asia: Innovator Interviews

TADSummit Asia Agenda

It’s been a busy start to the year with TADHack Phoenix in February and TADHack Orlando Online in March. In those events it’s been impressive to see how programmable telecoms / communications (CXTech) is becoming mainstream with developers; and how rich the CXTech stack has become, for example including bot frameworks. All of the hacks in Phoenix, and … Continue reading TADSummit Asia Agenda

TADSummit 2020 (Update)

Given all the events run by corporations, trade bodies, and professional event organizers; why should TADSummit exist in 2020? Especially given programmable telecoms / communications is no longer a hot topic. Firstly, communications is fundamental to the human condition, it’s not going away. Secondly, now it is programmable, we are only beginning to scratch the … Continue reading TADSummit 2020 (Update)

TADSummit EMEA 2019 Summary

TADSummit began in 2013, focused on Programmable Telecoms (Telecom APIs back then). We get a diverse mix of people, with telcos, CPaaS/UCaaS/CCaaS providers, developers, and enterprises. The diversity and the small size (about 70 in total this year) create an insightful and fun event. A big thank you to our sponsors Wazo, VoIP Innovations (now Sangoma), TeleSign, Automat Berlin, SiPalto for making … Continue reading TADSummit EMEA 2019 Summary