Podcast 78: TADSummit Innovators, Voxist Whitepaper

It’s great to have Karel back on the podcast. He’s building a whitepaper, Real Time Enterprise AI, and is asking the TADS community to help him refine it, as well as review the ideas contained within.

Please reach out to Karel (karel.bourgois@voxist.com) if you’d like to review his whitepaper, he’ll send it to you. You can provide feedback directly, and he will also run a live review session to gather feedback on Thursday 11th July at 11:30AM ET. 8:30AM PT, 5:30PM CET.

Karel gives an excellent review of the current ‘era of AI’ and the challenges it faces.

  • Technology is moving fast, who would have thought 3 years ago Microsoft would lead over Google in AI? What will happen next year? However, Microsoft / Nuance do not move fast. Barriers take time to build, and Voxist wins in the gaps.
  • LLMs are still hallucinating, RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation, think a PDF with stock answers, like an FAQ) has not solved that problem. There’s a battle between letting OpenAI freely answer and risk hallucinations, prompt engineering, and constraining answers with RAG. Often RAG is removed to deliver better answers.
  • Massive investment race without a clear end point in sight. Spending on raw processing power to achieve close to real time, yet performance gaps remain. Enterprise economics are not yet clear, experimenting is a luxury few SMB enterprises can afford.
  • Over 80% of companies and virtually all SMEs are watching AI, without a
    clear plan. There’s a massive opportunity. Microsoft will dominate with the large corporations. Yet the bulk of the market is available, $18B in 2023, $110B in 2032 (source market.us)

Based on Voxist’s real-time focus, throughout its 8 year history, they have created the real-time enterprise AI (RT-AI), see diagram below.
They collect the bulk of untapped enterprise knowledge through voice, that is customer, partner, employee conversations, voice mail, dictations, conference calls that are happening everyday. Corporations are facing a 30k year knowledge deficit as baby boomers retire. Capturing that knowledge through voice is by far the most efficient, and is urgently required.

The knowledge can be used across the organization, that is employees, customers, HR, and even partners. So rather than creating multiple implementations, gather once and reuse across the organization.

The whitepaper reviews a number of use cases and solutions. Voxist’s cutting-edge real-time enterprise AI harnesses the power of voice to capture and utilize crucial enterprise knowledge, bridging the gap left by traditional AI solutions. Voxist is perfectly positioned to capture this new market, transforming enterprise efficiency and responsiveness in an era of rapid technological advancement.

To the TADS community, please help Karel refine his ideas and whitepaper to grow his business and achieve his next funding milestone.

Johnny wraps up on the uniqueness of what Karel has created, and its importance across the industry. Voxist is winning business from large AI companies because he remains ahead of the game. While some talk about RAG to solve hallucinations, Voxist did that 2 years ago, and realized its limitations. Please help Voxist, thank you.

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