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Podcast 33: Truth in Telecoms, Before Bird / After Bird (BB/AB)

Podcast Directory Before Bird was a time when the A2P SMS industry was comfortable in scamming / overchargin enterprises, innovators and consumers. Then came a time AB (After Bird) when Bird shone the light of truth on the dirty tricks being played. Check out Podcast 30: Truth in Telecoms: Flipping the Bird with Robert Vis … Continue reading Podcast 33: Truth in Telecoms, Before Bird / After Bird (BB/AB)

TADSummit Podcast Episode 1

Podcast Directory On our first TADSummit podcast we focus on STROLID and their CTO Thomas Howe. We introduce Giovanni (Johnny) Tarone, and the important role he will play in bringing investors to the TADS community and extending the no BS policy more broadly across the industry, as we fight for the programmable communications / telecoms … Continue reading TADSummit Podcast Episode 1

The TADSummit Podcast

Podcast Directory Truth in Telecoms YouTube playlist TADSummit Innovators YouTube playlist Truth in AI YouTube playlist Podcast 72: TADSummit Innovators, Fabrizio Salanitri, Horisen, 6/4/24 Podcast 71: Truth in Telecoms, Johnny Loves The New MEF and #GMoney, 5/30/24 Podcast 70: TADSummit Innovators, Jonathan Marashlian, 5/23/24 Podcast 69: Truth in Telecoms. Non-GAAP = Not Real, 5/20/24 Podcast … Continue reading The TADSummit Podcast