Podcast 33: Truth in Telecoms, Before Bird / After Bird (BB/AB)

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Before Bird was a time when the A2P SMS industry was comfortable in scamming / overchargin enterprises, innovators and consumers. Then came a time AB (After Bird) when Bird shone the light of truth on the dirty tricks being played. Check out Podcast 30: Truth in Telecoms: Flipping the Bird with Robert Vis to see the full interview.

In this week’s Podcast 32: TADSummit Innovators, Anthony Minessale, SignalWire and FreeSWITCH, and sponsor of TADHack Open added a new word to the industry, CPast.

Signalwire has created a platform that makes a CPaaS, CCaaS, UCaaS, really any Programmable Unified Communications service a JSON document. If you’re still using the term CPaaS after such leaders have called time on the term, you’re legacy, and heading towards extinction as the technology and rules have changed.

The week began with a knee jerk reaction from Sinch to Podcast 30. In the post they confused margin and price, Robert stated a 90% reduction in margin. Sinch started throwing dirt around, which did not look good. But importantly showed how much of a threat Bird is to their business. As Johnny said, always fear the underdog, by the spoons. Also props to Daniel Gill for his comment showing the reality of what Augnet discovers.

Next week several companies report their results, and we plan a breakdown of Twilio’s numbers on its claimed margin.

We’re going to have a drains up review of TNID from the people leading the industry. There are solutions, using Self-Sovereign Identity that solve the scourge of spam and robocalling.

Here is a reminder on important reading:

We had a interesting conversation with Andriy about his companies and where he’s taking them, Podcast 31: TADSummit Innovators, Andriy Zhylenko, WebTrit and PortaOne. At the end Andriy made a request for everyone in the TADS community to continue support for the Ukraine. This is not a regional battle over territory, this is a battle for the global rule of law. It impacts the security of everyone, especially our children. Please contact your elected representative so they understand why supporting Ukraine is important to you.

The Birds led by The Vis chasing the CPast companies out of the industry

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