Podcast 31: TADSummit Innovators, Andriy Zhylenko, WebTrit and PortaOne

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Andriy presented at TADSummit in Paris last year: Intro to WebTrit and Call to Action to join the WebTrit Open Source Community. Andriy Zhylenko, CEO PortaOne and Advisor WebTritVideoSlides.

This podcast is a chance to catch up and understand more about his other company PortaOne and his plans for the future of both WebTrit and PortaOne.

PortaOne has been in business for over 20 years. They provide a service management, provisioning, billing, and communications services across ISPs, VoIP providers, cloud service provides and all flavors of telcos (MVNO, MVNE, MNO, FTTH, etc.) With customers throughout the world.

Their approach emphasizes flexibility, Andriy shared one use case of a call center application in New Zealand that was also used for the booking and billing for bed and breakfasts across the country. They simply extended the workflow.

One aspect of how PortaOne does business, that reminded me of TelecomsXchange is the source code is available for customers, so they never need worry about PortaOne going out of business, or being taken over and the squeeze being put on customers.

WebTrit is a voice/video WebRTC SDK, that takes an Ikea rather than Home Depot approach to communications. Making it easy for businesses to craft the experience they desire, without getting into the details of communications. One use case was of a Tarot Card reader service, well that shows WebRTC has definitely gone main stream.

An important point Andriy raised is the decline in RFPs (Request for Proposals) in working with telcos, rather PoCs (Proof of Concept) to show the platform works for the end customer and the service provider.

Looking to the future PortaOne sees growth from its service and revenue control platform for IoT, deployed by Vodafone Brazil. PortaOne is not seeking an exit, rather grow the self-funded company and support Ukraine through employment.

At the end Andriy made a request for everyone in the TADS community to continue support for the Ukraine. This is not a regional battle over territory, this is a battle for the global rule of law. It impacts the security of everyone, especially our children. Please contact your elected representative so they understand why supporting Ukraine is important to you.

BTW, the city in the background is Kiev.

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