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Podcast 4: TelecomsXchange and Truth in Telecoms 9/22/23

Podcast 3: WebRTC Ventures and Truth in Telecoms 9/15/23

Podcast 2: Voxist & Truth in Telecoms 9/8/23

Podcast 1: STROLID & Introducing Johnny Tarone 9/1/23

Why we’re doing the Podcast

Save the date, 1st September 2023, for the first ever TADSummit Podcast.

I’ve avoided doing a podcast for years. However, the BS in telecoms is too damned high!

We have two objectives with this podcast:

  • Truth In Telecoms; and
  • Help members of the TADS community grow faster.

We’re going to kick off a weekly podcast published on Fridays.

On the podcast we’ll have a guest from the TADS community, Giovanni (Johnny) Tarone, and myself. The structure will be:

  • A painfully honest review of the latest news, chatter, hot topics; and
  • Our guest will share their vision, explain how they plan to achieve that, and then we’ll kick around ideas on how they could fast track that vision.

Our first guest will be Thomas Howe, CTO of STROLID and a sponsor of TADSummit and TADHack. I’m looking forward to Thomas and Johnny meeting, this is going to be fun!

With the first TADSummit podcast we’ll also get to know a little about Johnny, though he’s done much; and we’ll chat about a subject near and dear to his heart, the TCR (The Campaign Registry).