Podcast 46: Truth in Telecoms, Revenge of the Messaging Monopolies

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Today, Robert Gerstmann, Chairman of the MEF released a letter to its members. I received the letter from a number of people in Europe. They were angered and surprised that Robert Gerstmann from Sinch was conflating what Eric J. Troutman wrote in reaction to Puja J. Amin being kicked off a MEF panel with our extensive body of work. For example, Messaging Monopolies is systematically ignored by the MEF.

Robert’s letter continues to enforce that MEF policy of ignoring our content, at least that is publicly exposed. The sources were also angered at being told what to read and engage with, it reeks of 1984 newspeak.

Eric has shared all the communications with the MEF leading up to Puja being kicked off the panel, please read them. The MEF could have resolved that issue with a public apology. Yet Dario’s statement at the MEF event, and Robert’s letter show a detachment from reality. Please Robert, gather all the facts, this does not look good for you, Sinch, and the MEF.

Please understand the continued terrible treatment of Puja and the coverup of the spamming of America are two separate issues. Do not let Robert’s letter get away with conflating them.

Our body of work on the Messaging Monopolies has been ignored by the MEF. Our contention is the MEF ignores at the behest of some of their sponsors, e.g. TCR, Aegis Mobile, and Netnumber.

In this podcast Johnny speaks directly to Robert, he needs to get the facts. At the end of this podcast I include the interview Johnny did with Troutman Amin LLP from timecode 16:15. Johnny was Johnny, and Eric did a good job focusing the conversation, it’s like riding a wild bull. At the end of the interview (time code 45:30) listen to the lawyers discussing how they believe Johnny and will investigate further. And here’s Puja’s review of the interview with Johnny.

Our focus is simple, stop the spamming of America, cease the cover ups, and engage with our published work. As Johnny closes, the issues raised in the Telecom Triopoly post could lead to an antitrust case. Apple’s case was just the beginning of the return of antitrust.

And do not forget to express your support for Puja.

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