Podcast 45: Truth in Telecoms, Coverups

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This week we had an excellent podcast with Uku from Messente communications. He is the leader most members of the SMS industry point to as THE most trustworthy leader, he’s the real-deal.

He and Ira Cohen from MMDSmart at an event both said they would prefer published pricing for SMS, so they can focus on their value add, to help make the industry more honest. Unfortunately, their view is rather uncommon in the SMS industry.

During the Podcast Uku expressed his frustration with SMS scammers, you could see the raw emotion, we need to get this out in the open and find solutions. We’ve reviewed on this podcast several of them from TNID, TelecomsXChange, Sekura.id, etc. And Uku is evaluating them.

Shortly after the podcast a scam appeared abusing the Messente brand. If anyone sees it, please let Messente know. Here’s the link to Uku’s post on that. This shows how the scammers want to stop this problem being discussed, rather, let it fester.

Robert Vis stated clearly on the TADSummit Podcast SMS scammers should be jailed, they are crooks. They are pushing businesses away from SMS. American Express, Bank of America are just a few of the enterprises moving away from SMS. Traffic is down, and per SMS prices are up as carriers try to maintain revenues. There’s a vicious cycle of short-termism taking place that continues to make SMS less attractive as a channel. We must stop the coverups, get the truth out there, and solve the problems.

Ira Cohen had a great metaphor: Messaging fraud is an infection that has festered over the last 20 years, which may lead, despite the ubiquity and value of SMS, to business messaging’s demise. Can the industry get the medicine before it’s too late to save the patient? Pretending there’s no infection (cover up) is NOT the right approach.


The other interesting news this week was the protest at Puja from Troutman Amin LLP being kicked off a MEF panel. Ignore the style around this story, focus on FACTS.

1) Eric presented an analysis of a FCC filing about the TCR, his analysis was good.

2) Shortly afterwards Puja (partner at their law firm Troutman Amin) was kicked off a MEF panel on International Womens Day. Tone deaf behavior.

3) Puja was furious, she stood up for herself and protested outside the MEF. Now, how you view that protest is irrelevant, that’s a style issue, focus on the FACTS. Puja was kicked off a panel after Eric reviewed a FCC filing about the TCR. Dario. CEO of the MEF, claimed to the protesters Puja was too busy to attend the event. Eric/Puja stated that was a lie. Bottom-line: the MEF continues to cover up what’s going on at the TCR as one of its board members / sponsors is Kaleyra.

4) Then, overnight after the protest, Eric was now cool with MEF. He thinks the 3 female board members were introduced because of their actions. Those board members were announced in February. And Puja may be added to the board, they’ll need to become a member of MEF, and there will need a round of voting as far as I know of MEF board procedures. Eric is still waiting for GMoney (what Johnny calls Robert Gerstmann of Sinch and the new chairman of MEF).

5) I dunno what Puja thinks about this. I dunno if Eric will investigate further on the TCR, I’ve asked.

The TCR cover up continues by the MEF, they’re a laundromat, washing the industry’s dirty laundry. We’ve seen this week a public demonstration of how that cover-up continues.

Who Framed Bill Peters?

A core question that remains unanswered is who actually framed Bill Peters. This is discussed in Bill Peter’s Complaint on the person who likely did the physical deed, but who ordered it?

Johnny is releasing his emails from this journey. The first one sent June 25th 2022 to Soren Schafft (CEO TCR), Tor Soevik, Stefan Heller, and Kirk Tsai (all of the TCR). Subject: I’m terrified

The only thing in the world capable of scaring me is truly stupid people. And I don’t think I have ever met two dumber ones than you guys.

You guys came to me wanting help with solving your problem. You told me how much you hated Dario and how arrogant he behaved towards you both and how he belittled you. You wanted to lock arms and join forces then to do a management buyout based on the threat that you would walk out.

Soren, you said that Stefan and Kirk were the key people and if they walked out you would all be screwed, but you did not want them to know what you were doing. What you guys wanted to do is called extortion and you clearly have been watching far to many TV movies. I went to potential capital partners and then my long time attorney and friend, Frederick (“Rick”) Joyce came back from vacation and I presented the situation to him. He did something that even shocked me, told me to step aside and took over from there. Soren, I sent you a text stating that I wanted to talk with you and get on the same page. Instead, you chose to ignore me and Rick!

I feel bad because you both worked very hard and achieved great things with TCR to get to this point. You guys came to me after Dario had tried to sell the deal to Twilio who would no doubt just shut it down because it would be in their interest. That was his thought process. Rick made an offer that would have kept you two fools in charge and given you substantial equity. Instead, you went to an Indian-owned group and tried to get the capital from them. Amazing! Rick Joyce is one of the kindest and toughest men I have ever met. I recommend you take a look at his bio. Soren, I even tried to call you and explain this to you. You answered the phone with “fuck you” and hung up. All right, suit yourself.

I am sending this to you both, actually more as a form of therapy for myself. I would never have even bothered trying to help you if I had known how dumb you both really were.

One more thing: I have worked in this sector for decades and have a great many friends.
Take this any way you want but I will not talk with either of you as I am terrified by the lack of even the most elementary business sense in you both.

You may want to reach out and have coffee with Rick and talk some sense. I can assure you he will not go away.

I’m headed back to the Golf course!

Giovanni Tarone

Then on July 18 2022 is from Johnny to Dario Calgero (CEO of Kaleyra at the time), Avi Katz (Chairman of Kaleyra), and Giacomo Dall’Aglio (CFO of Kaleyra). Subject: Nda tcr/keleyra

Guys, I received this below from Soren. I am truly sorry we never got an opportunity to talk.I was minding my own business when I got a call to help these guys. I attached an email I wrote to Laurel and Hardy (my nickname for them) please read in case you care about how we got here. I also have no problem getting on a call with anybody and anytime. I WAS solicited and hence the nda below. I also received a deck prepared by your team that I will send you.
Again this could have all been discussed if not for these two.
My cell is xxx xxx-xxxx if anyone cares at this point. Like I told them Rick will not go away.

Giovanni Tarone

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