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Podcast 45: Truth in Telecoms, Coverups

Podcast Directory Uku, Messente This week we had an excellent podcast with Uku from Messente communications. He is the leader most members of the SMS industry point to as THE most trustworthy leader, he’s the real-deal. He and Ira Cohen from MMDSmart at an event both said they would prefer published pricing for SMS, so … Continue reading Podcast 45: Truth in Telecoms,┬áCoverups

Podcast 40: TADSummit Innovators, Mark Harvey, SEKURA.id

Podcast Directory Sekura provides real-time mobile authentication, verification and fraud prevention from mobile operators to global banks, fintechs, crypto and consumer brands. Their focus is mobile identity and achieving the broadest coverage across 75 carriers and 2.5 billion mobile phone customers. They focus on the connection to carriers using Mobile Connect and all the variations … Continue reading Podcast 40: TADSummit Innovators, Mark Harvey, SEKURA.id