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TADSummit 2023: Enterprise and LLMs

Programmable communications / telecoms puts the enterprise in control, we’ve seen rapid innovations over the past year. At TADSummit 2022 Karel pointed out the transformer model has changed game in LLMs, and he was proven correct through this year. BUT listening to the marketing hype is dangerous, the no BS policy ensures you avoid mistakes … Continue reading TADSummit 2023: Enterprise and LLMs

TADSummit Special: Silent Authentication

Eric Nadalin, CTO, co-founder tru.ID, and Gentleman Farmer Finally after all those years, mobile network operators start to offer a secure and frictionless alternative to SMS. Learn more about Silent Authentication. Commentary This is a great review of Silent Authentication, and the complex situation we find around this topic. In essence silent authentication is a … Continue reading TADSummit Special: Silent Authentication

Overhaul to MEA Banking Alerts and Notification System

  The MEA banking sector usually needs to keep its customers apprised of their transaction history. Back in the day, the only available channel for banks to communicate with customers their detailed history has been through sending a letter in a mailbox. The letter had to include pretty much everything credited or debited to an … Continue reading Overhaul to MEA Banking Alerts and Notification System