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Podcast 11, Truth in Telecoms, What did Tata Buy?

Podcast Directory In this Thanksgiving Special Podcast we cover how the Swifties will stop voice and SMS SPAM in North America. BTW, Johnny, after watching the latest Taylor Swift movie, has become a Swifty. We review Breitbart’s coverage of the election interference and coverup detailed in Bill Peter’s complaint. https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2023/11/17/lawsuit-alleges-campaign-text-robocall-infrastructure-tied-china-biased/ The breaking news is on … Continue reading Podcast 11, Truth in Telecoms, What did Tata Buy?

TADSummit Podcast Episode 6

Podcast Directory – you’ll see we have a TADSummit Podcast Special on Wednesday 11th Oct with Tim McLain from Commio. TADSummit Innovators, Mike Bromwich and Tim Dowling introduce Stacuity, the programmable IoT network. This is a great introduction to how Stacuity began, why they are creating a new category of a developer centric programmable IoT … Continue reading TADSummit Podcast Episode 6

Keynote Review TADSummit 2022

Running the event on a tight budget means I’m often dealing with logistics during the event. This year Youtube streaming in Portugal was problematic, the event location had 200 Mbit/s bidirectional, I think it was the local ISP messing with the stream. Anyway, these reviews are in part for me to give all the excellent … Continue reading Keynote Review TADSummit 2022