Podcast 11, Truth in Telecoms, What did Tata Buy?

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In this Thanksgiving Special Podcast we cover how the Swifties will stop voice and SMS SPAM in North America. BTW, Johnny, after watching the latest Taylor Swift movie, has become a Swifty.

We review Breitbart’s coverage of the election interference and coverup detailed in Bill Peter’s complaint. https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2023/11/17/lawsuit-alleges-campaign-text-robocall-infrastructure-tied-china-biased/

The breaking news is on how UIB (a long time TADSummit supporter) had a large offer from Tata Communications, which fell through, and then the Kaleyra deal was announced.

The question remains, does Tata Communications know what it bought in Kaleyra? In a recent announcement Tata thinks it can grow revenues in North America to over $1B. https://www.livemint.com/technology/tech-news/tata-comm-aims-1-bn-us-business-in-3-years-11697821071238.html.

Given revenue growth across Kaleyra’s businesses it limited, especially in the TCR given most campaigns have registered, and A2P SMS could be in decline given the price rises, process hurdles, and passkeys replacing 2FA. That target may prove challenging.

Johnny speculates on what’s happening across Twilio, OpenAI, and Microsoft. We’re in agreement that something is going on, and currently what’s being presented does not add up for me. Hence, why I’m waiting for a fuller story to emerge.

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