Podcast 12: TADSummit Innovators, Paul Sweeney, Webio

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TADSummit Innovators, Paul Sweeney, Webio

We open with a quick preview of what’s coming in Friday’s Truth in Telecoms: Twilio’s activists, Tata latest and UIB, then Johnny and I go one on one on the bookclubs, such as the Monopoly Economics Forum AKA MEF! Sorry I mean the Mobile Entertainment Forum, oops, I mean Mobile Ecosystem Forum.

Given the focus on CPaaSAI, Johnny is really excited to listen and learn from Paul who has been heralding the importance of conversations in communications for as long as I’ve known him, almost 20 years. Here is Paul’s presentation from TADSummit, his slides and my review are here.

Paul provides an inspirational review of how how Webio has changed how conversations around debt are managed to deliver better results for everyone. Webio are making the world better.

Their purpose built solution protects consumer and business privacy, nothing need go to Amazon Q or Google Dialog Flow. That is a broader theme we’re going to raise on the threats Amazon, Azure and Google present to both businesses who give away their data and the CPaaSAI industry. Amazon Connect, Amazon Q, and the partnerships they have in place will disrupt the CCaaS industry.

This is a broad discussion across the emergence of conversation intelligence, its ethics, applications, and the likely longer term impact. I think of it as automated listening, and I couldn’t miss out mentioning vCon, PDF for conversations. This is a long session but provides a great review of Webio, its space, and where their businesses is going.