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TADSummit Podcast Episode 2

Podcast Directory This second podcast is divided into 2 sections TADSummit Innovators where we focus on Voxist and their CEO Karel Bourgois. Truth_In_Telecoms with Johnny Tarone We kick off with some background on TCRA (TCR Acquisition) and their kerfuffle with Kaleyra. We do ramble off a little in the last 5-10 minutes, but it does … Continue reading TADSummit Podcast Episode 2

The TADSummit Podcast

Podcast Directory Truth in Telecoms YouTube playlist TADSummit Innovators YouTube playlist Podcast 4: TelecomsXchange and Truth in Telecoms 9/22/23 Podcast 3: WebRTC Ventures and Truth in Telecoms 9/15/23 Podcast 2: Voxist & Truth in Telecoms 9/8/23 Podcast 1: STROLID & Introducing Johnny Tarone 9/1/23 Why we’re doing the Podcast Save the date, 1st September 2023, … Continue reading The TADSummit Podcast