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Podcast 48: Truth in Telecoms, tyntec Frenzy

Podcast Directory Johnny’s Linkedin post about Tyntec ensured April started with a bang. For over one decade, and since the beginning of the TADSummit Podcast, Johnny’s been trying to sell Tyntec. The document below shows Twilio and tyntec have entered into a partnership. In this podcast you’ll see Johnny is in a party mood, stirring … Continue reading Podcast 48: Truth in Telecoms, tyntec Frenzy

Podcast 35: Truth in Telecoms, Good Grief Charlie Brown

Podcast Directory This week provided direct objective evidence that CPaaS is no longer the acronym to use with Wall Street. Twilio’s results exceeded most analysts’ expectations, but the outlook and Segment review sent the stock in decline, see below. Sinch who produced good results maintaining gross margin at 33.5% and revenue growth. Initially went up, … Continue reading Podcast 35: Truth in Telecoms, Good Grief Charlie Brown

TADSummit Podcast 9: Truth in Telecoms

Podcast Directory CPaaS and AI M&A Taking the lead from Twilio, we’re all CPaaS and AI companies these days, rather the programmable communications ūüėČ Johnny posted on the latest Twilio results, and I baited him on what a Twilo and tyntec tie-up could look like. Johnny reviews his experiences with tyntec, the unique position they … Continue reading TADSummit Podcast 9: Truth in Telecoms

TADSummit Podcast Episode 2

Podcast Directory This second podcast is divided into 2 sections TADSummit Innovators where we focus on Voxist and their CEO Karel Bourgois. Truth_In_Telecoms with Johnny Tarone We kick off with some background on TCRA (TCR Acquisition) and their kerfuffle with Kaleyra. We do ramble off a little in the last 5-10 minutes, but it does … Continue reading TADSummit Podcast Episode 2

TADSummit 2018 Keynotes

TADSummit is the sister event to TADHack. While TADHack focused on making the world aware of the power of programmable telecoms, through solving problems in people’s lives. TADSummit focused on the business and technology aspects of programmable telecoms. This weblog reviews the TADSummit 2018 Keynotes provided by some of the sponsors:¬†TeleSign, tyntec, Wazo, Cequens, and … Continue reading TADSummit 2018 Keynotes

TADSummit in only 3 weeks! ??????

Only 3 weeks to¬†TADSummit 2018. The¬†agenda¬†is available to¬†download (no email capture), you can see it is¬†well-worth your time. TADSummit is¬†unique,¬†packed,¬†the thought-leadership event in programmable telecoms. This will be the 6th¬†TADSummit, in such a dynamic industry where many of our¬†sponsors¬†are bought, that is quite an achievement in itself! We are different to most¬†conferences. We have practitioners … Continue reading TADSummit in only 3 weeks! ??????

TADSummit 2018 Agenda

The¬†TADSummit 2018 Agenda¬†is available for download without any email capture, its freely available. We still have a few more presentations and sponsors to add. TADSummit is¬†unique, independent, no BS, and packed; the thought-leadership event in programmable telecoms. We review highlights from the agenda in this weblog. Thanks to¬†Altice Labs, ENTER,¬†Apidaze,¬†Cequens,¬†TeleSign,¬†tyntec,¬†VoIP Innovations, and¬†Wazo,¬†for¬†sponsoring¬†TADSummit 2018! And all … Continue reading TADSummit 2018 Agenda

Get Ready for TADSummit 2018!

What makes TADSummit unique? It’s the people. They bring a diversity of experiences and exceptional thought leadership. This isn‚Äôt the usual conference where you send marketing people to gather leads that the sales people have already called upon. Nor an event where you can give glib statements like, “well they don‚Äôt own their stack, we … Continue reading Get Ready for TADSummit 2018!

TADSummit 2017 in Review

This weblog provides an overall review of TADSummit 2017, sharing highlights and insights shared during two intense days in Lisbon (14-15th Nov). We review the individual presentations (sharing the edited videos, slides, and brief commentary) across these weblogs: Day 1 morning part 1,¬†welcome and innovation showcase. Day 1 morning part 2,¬†sponsors‚Äô keynotes. Day 1 afternoon … Continue reading TADSummit 2017 in Review

TADSummit Day 1 Morning Part 2

We‚Äôre reviewing the presentations from the second half of the TADSummit Day 1 morning in this weblog, the first half is reviewed here.¬†TADSummit is the telecom service innovation event, in its 5th year, it brings the programmable telecoms industry together to share insights, best practices, and help build an open global ecosystem. VoIP Innovations Keynote: … Continue reading TADSummit Day 1 Morning Part 2