Get Ready for TADSummit 2018!


What makes TADSummit unique? It’s the people. They bring a diversity of experiences and exceptional thought leadership. This isn’t the usual conference where you send marketing people to gather leads that the sales people have already called upon. Nor an event where you can give glib statements like, “well they don’t own their stack, we do”. The quality of people involved mandates an open and frank discussion. TADSummit 2018 continues to show the future in programmable telecoms is already here, with a good dose of world-first demonstrations thrown in: it isn’t real unless you can demonstrate it!

Its busy times in programmable telecoms, we have ever more acronyms being talked about like: CPaaS, UCaaS, CCaaS, UC&C, TAS, MCaaS, CNAM, LRN, etc. Even some of the company’s names involved are acronyms like wgtwo (working group two)! And the lines between those acronyms are blurring. From the UCaaS management console you can purchase basic call center seats (CCaaS) or a call-back widget (enabled by CPaaS).

CPaaS is now table stakes, the focus is on added value, whether its aggregating messaging across SMS and IP, like Nexmo did many years ago to deliver converged mobile messaging. Twilio’s Flex (CCaaS enabler) launch this year got lots of attention at Enterprise Connect, but this trends has been discussed at TADSummit for several years. For example, the open source project Wazo presented last year on how they enable UCaaS.  Here are more examples of UCaaS services / enablers from CPaaS providers including: Apifonica / Dzinga, 2600Hz with Kazoo, and Telnyx.  Speaking of Telnyx, they continue to build out their private global RTC network enabling ever more businesses to run their own private real-time communications network.  And wgtwo is a great example of a mobile core as a service , MCaaS – I’m sure some were wondering about that acronym. The diversity of programmable telecoms continues to grow.

We’re assembling the agenda for TADSummit 2018, 13-14 November in Lisbon. Please get in touch if you want to sponsor or present. We’ll be opening registration soon.

We’re digging deeper into the practical realities of how to sell and deliver programmable telecoms to enterprises. We’ll have UCaaS / CCaaS / CPaaS / UC&C providers / resellers / channels from around the world discuss best practices, enterprise needs, and lots of case studies.

We’re also seeing the rise of specialized CPaaS enabled services. As an example, payfone‘s instant authentication using MobileID. They just raised $23M and are anticipating 19B transactions this year. They’re substituting SMS 2FA given its been depreciated by the NIST.  Programmable Telecoms is a dynamic market, new value constantly being created. SMS 2FA still has viable use cases, its just now there are now alternatives that deliver excellent customer experiences.

We’ll have many of the regulars including James Body, Andy Smith, Dean Bubley, and of course Patrice Crutel from Cap Gemini showing how enterprises and service providers are adopting programmable telecoms.

Congratulations to the Matrix team, they made an impressive announcement last week, being adopted by the French Government. At TADS we’re also in the process of migrating our 2k+ community over to Riot 🙂  The decentralized web, end to end encryption encryption, and federation are finding their way into many communications / messaging use cases today, you’ll learn more and see practical demonstrations at TADSummit 2018.

This year we’re also seeing a resurgence of telco initiatives around programmable telecoms, just as some of the traditional telco suppliers are moving away from service enablement! So we’ll likely to see even more M&A in programmable telecoms!

TADSummit 2018 enables you to meet the brain-trust of programmable telecoms for two intense days of insights and revelations. It will be well worth your time.

Get in contact if you want to sponsor and / or present. We’ll be opening registration soon.

Lastly, thanks to tyntecVoIP Innovations, Altice Labs, Wazo, Telsign and Cequens for sponsoring TADSummit 2018!

TADSummit 2018