Podcast 48: Truth in Telecoms, tyntec Frenzy

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Johnny’s Linkedin post about Tyntec ensured April started with a bang. For over one decade, and since the beginning of the TADSummit Podcast, Johnny’s been trying to sell Tyntec. The document below shows Twilio and tyntec have entered into a partnership. In this podcast you’ll see Johnny is in a party mood, stirring up a bidding frenzy across Twilio, Bird and Bandwidth. Will Johnny’s tyntec nightmare end?

Given the prepayment for Mexico is estimated to be $25M, its likely Twilio helped with that prepayment given tyntec is directing traffic for those destinations to Twilio.

In other news, Tata Communications continues its abusive behaviour sending to me a 184 page summons on Friday for Bill Peters arbitration. I did not know Bill when he was employed by TCR/Kaleya. I knew of him, as he’s a founding father of the US messaging industry. Bill has not, as far as I know, sent any documents to me. Everything I’ve published is either publicly available documents, like Bill’s complaint or CFIUS email, or Johnny’s email to Sorin et al. Remember Bill has been buried under lawyers for nearly 2 years, Tata Communications continues to fund that terrible behavior.

Johnny hinted of an upcoming meeting in DC between the FTC, FCC, and carriers. Let’s hope action is taken to halt the spamming and scamming of America through SMS and calling.

After Robert Gerstmann, chairman of the MEF released a letter to its members last week. I received that letter from a number of people in Europe. They were angered and surprised that Robert Gerstmann from Sinch was conflating what Eric J. Troutman wrote in reaction to Puja J. Amin being kicked off a MEF panel with our extensive body of work. For example, Messaging Monopolies is systematically ignored by the MEF.

Robert’s letter continues to enforce that MEF policy of ignoring our content, at least that is publicly exposed. The sources were also angered at being told what to read and engage with, it reeks of 1984 newspeak. Puja has published all the details of their interaction with the MEF, https://tcpaworld.com/.

This isn’t a social media campaign against the MEF. We’ve shared our work on why Americans continue to be spammed and scammed through SMS and calling. Businesses are making money out of it and it must stop, yet the MEF ignores our work.

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