Podcast 63: TADSummit Innovators, Eric J Troutman, The Czar of TCPAWorld

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Eric is a partner at Troutman Amin LLC, Czar of TCPAWorld.com, President of ‘Responsible Enterprises Against Consumer Harassment’ (R.E.A.C.H), and one of the country‚Äôs prominent class action defense lawyers. Ever since Eric reviewed an FCC filing by Latham Watkins in response to a Rick Joyce filing, we’ve been fans.

This was an excellent opportunity to understand what motivates Eric, which is protecting small businesses from TCPA lawsuits. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, is a federal law that regulates telephone solicitations, including text messaging, pre-recorded calls, and telemarketing.

Businesses thinking they bought valid leads that turn out to be invalid, can find themselves with a TCPA lawsuits from “scumbag repeat litigators”. Eric created the group Responsible Enterprises Against Consumer Harassment (R.E.A.C.H) to help businesses buy leads that are valid. You can read the shenanigans of repeat litigators on TCPAWorld.com.

Eric provides a great review of how we got to the current state of affairs. Where YouMail has become the biggest narc (informant) to the FCC, Industry Traceback Group (ITG), and Attorney Generals (AG). Who are all reacting to the epidemic of robocalling and spam SMS in the US.

The discussion moved onto the perverse situation on SMS being an information services (title I), not telecom services (title II). Which has resulted in the TCR, with a foreign controlled entity having access to many American businesses’ confidential information and A2P messaging plans. Rick Joyce has raised this, and Eric is equally enraged, see his review of an FCC filing by Latham Watkins.

Beyond TCR and unregistered A2P SMS being charged 1c per SMS, we discussed other control points such as 800SMS (Twilio) and SCR (Short Code Registry, iConnectiv); as well as other sources of SMS spam such as SIM boxes and email to SMS. Eric’s focus in simply TCR registered campaigns, where his clients register their campaigns.

Check out Eric’s recent post on IS TCR NEXT TO FACE BAN?: With Tik Tok Facing Ban Unless it Sells to American Company is The Campaign Registry Next on the List? An important point Eric advised is to trust the FCC, it’s the best Federal agency, and will do the right thing.

On the MEF’s (Mobile Brotherhood) mistreatment of Puja, and Robert Gerstmann’s defaming of them. Eric predicts MEF will not be around for long, no organization can behave like that and remain in existence. On why Sinch sponsors REACH, because it’s important, and matters more than MEF (Mobile Brotherhood).

We discuss several other issues such as the FTC ruling on non-compete clauses. Overall, an inspiring discussion with Eric, definitely on the side of truth and justice for small businesses.

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