TADSummit Podcast Episode 6

Podcast Directory – you’ll see we have a TADSummit Podcast Special on Wednesday 11th Oct with Tim McLain from Commio.

TADSummit Innovators,

Mike Bromwich and Tim Dowling introduce Stacuity, the programmable IoT network. This is a great introduction to how Stacuity began, why they are creating a new category of a developer centric programmable IoT network. They’ve built their own core and connected to IPX. When they presented at TADSummit last year, their vision was clear and challenging. Well, they’ve built it and are now inviting developers to hack on it at TADHack. And you’ll be able to meet them at TADSummit in Paris.

Truth_In_Telecoms with Johnny Tarone

What a week! On the political messaging front there was this article from Mark Schauer of realclearpolicy on the problems with the The Campaign Registry. The complaint from Bill Peters corroborates the article’s concerns with a specific instance of political SMS campaign interference,  Do not get side-tracked on which party is in control, what matters is the messaging monopolies must be impartial, and it’s clear they are not. We need a code of conduct that includes ethics and compliance, in addition to clear and stated processes.

We also review what’s next now Tata Communications owns Kaleyra / TCR. Johnny mentions the 20% bonuses being awarded to the employees, though those receiving restricted stock units (RSUs) made much more.

I received last night a copy of an email allegedly sent to a TCR Partner by TCR. I’m still verifying who received the email across TCR’s partners. If you did, please let me know. Regardless it shows that a CSP can not own TCR, as even the potential to send such an email can not be allowed.

We wrap up on the exciting news that Bill Peters will be presenting at TADSummit on “How much does an A2P SMS cost? CPaaS and GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).” This will definitely be eye opener, and is important insight for everyone in the programmable communications industry.

I know the past few weeks have been like drinking from a firehose given everything published, but the facts must be presented, so we can make the case for urgent action by the industry.