TADSummit Podcast Episode 5

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TADSummit Innovators, we focus on TADSummit sponsor Unifonic and their CTO/CPO Karim Zaki. Founded in 2006, Unifonic is a programmable telecoms powerhouse in the Middle East. They’ve built a strong business in the region, with communication solutions for enterprises across many sectors, and in compliance with each countries’ regulations. It’s a well defended moat to outside competition. We cover many issues on the trends in the region, and where Unifonic is headed. I can’t wait to see Karim’s keynote at TADSummit, his demos will demonstrate their leadership globally, not just regionally.

Truth_In_Telecoms with Johnny Tarone

With the complaint filed, and available here, Johnny gets into some of the background behind the complaint and names some names not mentioned in the complaint. We discuss what should replace the TCR, a not for profit where the consumers and brands also has a say, not just the carriers. We cover a few of the elements that should be included. For example vetting should be open and verifiable. The phone number must be stored. Proof of agency must be included. Numbers need verifiable proof of ownership. I could go on and on.

We need a code of conduct for our industry that includes ethics and compliance. The complaint shows bullying, poor ethics, deceit, compliance avoidance and much worse.