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Today we have a Commio Special podcast with Tim McLain. The 10DLC market is changing rapidly. News released today,: on November 8, 2023, all unverified toll-free phone numbers being used for text messaging will require registration. If everything works that means an more unregistered SMS period. I’m really hoping we see a reduction in SMS spam, but unfortunately I have my doubts given the issues we’ve highlighted with TCR Trilogy.

Referenced several times through the podcast, here’s Commio’s “Essential Guide for Cloud Comms Compliance & Cybersecurity.

Tim runs through his guide to getting campaigns approved, including the latest from the DCAs (Direct Carrier Aggregators) on a growing list on blocked topics beyond the CTIA’s SHAFT (Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco), covering topics such as high risk investments, payday loans, class action lawsuits, etc.

There are many items that once were not an issue, have become so, such as the use of URL shorteners, and ensuring the example messages are as close as possible to the campaigns first used. I was surprised by some pointers, much as no P.O. boxes for business addresses. It’s not surprising we’re seeing 7 out of 10 applications get rejected.

We cover a lot in this podcast including the traceback group, the need for someone dedicated to compliance in a brand, portability of campaigns between CSPs, the fines for being hacked and having spam run over your numbers.

In summary, Commio does a great job showing all their work to help brands be successful in using 10DLC, and how they differentiate in the market.

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