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Keynote Review TADSummit 2022

Running the event on a tight budget means I’m often dealing with logistics during the event. This year Youtube streaming in Portugal was problematic, the event location had 200 Mbit/s bidirectional, I think it was the local ISP messing with the stream. Anyway, these reviews are in part for me to give all the excellent … Continue reading Keynote Review TADSummit 2022

TADSummit 2022 Summary

Here is a brief TADSummit 2022 summary. In the coming weeks I’ll write more detailed summaries, focused on the main themes. As well as a few additional presentations that didn’t make it into the agenda, e.g. from Dave Horton on “Why many conversational AI providers are ditching commercial platforms and moving to open source — … Continue reading TADSummit 2022 Summary