TADSummit 2022 Summary

Here is a brief TADSummit 2022 summary. In the coming weeks I’ll write more detailed summaries, focused on the main themes. As well as a few additional presentations that didn’t make it into the agenda, e.g. from Dave Horton on “Why many conversational AI providers are ditching commercial platforms and moving to open source — and why you should too!”

Being in-person for a no-BS share on the latest in programmable communications / telecoms was a delight. 90% of those attending knew they’d had COVID, about 20% knew someone who had long COVID. Life is more or less back to how it was in 2019, though we have a new endemic virus.

Thank you to STROLID, Broadvoice / GoContact, Radisys, RingCentral, Stacuity, and AWA Network / Automat Berlin for sponsoring TADSummit 2022. Their support is critical for this event to take place. And thank you to all the presenters and attendees in making the event excellent.

Here’s the content:

In 2019 Joao Camarate offered GoContact’s HQ in Aveiro as the location for TADSummit 2020. And finally after a 3 years wait we made it happen in 2022. For TADSummit 2023 we’re seeking a sponsor to host, that is provide the location and meals. Please get in contact if you’d like to amoxil host, thanks.

We had both online and in-person presentations. In-person presentations better engaged the audience, and more importantly enabled detailed one-on-one questioning. The real world is complex, a presentation gives a simplified story to be clearly understood by the audience.

However, during the lunch and networking dinner more frank and detailed discussions take place. Online events can not deliver that. However, TADSummit is a relatively small event, about 50 people this year, so remote presentations from Asia and the Americas are an important part of TADSummit.

Feedback from the attendees included excitement at all the emerging opportunities in programmable communications. We covered several topics that had received extressive hype in the past, e.g. IoT and eSIM. However, are now entering the early mainstream phase, where existing businesses can augment their offers with them.

Just a quick review of the highlights from the keynotes:

  • Welcome to vCon! The next leap forward in the programmable communications industry. Thomas Howe, CTO STROLID. Slides and Video. Simply, vCon should be part of the product roadmap and strategy for any business that supports customer or employee communications.
  • Founding a Startup in Telecoms. The good, the bad and the ugly. João Camarate, CTO at Broadvoice & GoContact. Slides and Video. The insight for me was the viability of buying an existing business with customers, and using that as a stepping stone to grow a business faster.
  • AWA – a Telco bootstrapping product development: Challenges with dynamic market consolidation – an 18 month road trip. Marten Schoenherr, CEO Automat Berlin/AWA Network/Founding Partner at TheWorkinGroup. Slides and Video. This was great to see Marten proving the concept that could revolutionize SMS aggregation. TADSummit is the only event where you get in-depth and practical techno-economic discussions that could disrupt the industry. That is deep tech as well as real businesses discussions.
  • Time to ditch the ‘dumb-pipe’ – reinventing the core mobile network, to put developers first. Mike Bromwich, CEO / Co-Founder Stacuity & Tim Dowling, Co-Founder Stacuity. Slides and Video. While the established IoT companies focus on making it easy to manage and operate IoT. Stacuity is exploring the next phase of IoT programmability.
  • Advancing Cloud Communications Well Beyond the Basics – Leveraging AI and ML in all aspects of programmable communications applications and media analytics. Adnan Saleem, CTO – Software and Cloud Solutions at Radisys Corporation. Slides & Video. Radisys had an impressive TADHack, and they shares how they make it easy for developers to use a range of programmable communications tools.
  • Shifting from Voice to Workflow Management. Filipe Leitão, Global Service Provider Channel SE, RingCentral. Slides & Video. This is an important shift, communications is table-stakes. The focus is now on solving business problems using programmable communications with partners.

Lots more analysis of all the TADSummit content coming soon.

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