TADSummit 2022 Timings

Yep, this is a packed agenda. Its OK to grab a coffee, stand at the back, pop out of the room when you need to because the presentation is not that relevant to your immediate concerns. Times are WET (Western European Time, local Portugal time) it’s the same time as the UK, 1 hour behind CET and 5 hours ahead of ET.

Tuesday 8th Nov
9:00Welcome to Aveiro Portugal. João Camarate, CTO at Broadvoice & GoContact.
9:10What happened since we last met? Where is the market going? Alan Quayle, independent. Slides & Video.
9:35Founding a Startup in Telecoms. The good, the bad and the ugly. João Camarate, CTO at Broadvoice & GoContact. Slides & Video
10:00AWA – a Telco bootstrapping product development: Challenges with dynamic market consolidation – an 18 month road trip. Marten Schoenherr, CEO Automat Berlin/AWA Network/Founding Partner at TheWorkinGroup. Slides & Video
10:25Time to ditch the ‘dumb-pipe’ – reinventing the core mobile network, to put developers first. Mike Bromwich, CEO / Co-Founder Stacuity & Tim Dowling, Co-Founder Stacuity. Slides & Video
10:50Advancing Cloud Communications Well Beyond the Basics – Leveraging AI and ML in all aspects of programmable communications applications and media analytics. Adnan Saleem, CTO – Software and Cloud Solutions at Radisys Corporation. Slides & Video.
11:15Shifting from Voice to Workflow Management. Filipe Leitão, Global Service Provider Channel SE, RingCentral. Slides and Video.
11:45Programmable Testing for Programmable Telcos. Andreas Granig, Founder & CEO at Sipfront. Slides and Video.
1:00Welcome to vCon! The next leap forward in the programmable communications industry. Thomas Howe, CTO STROLID. Slides and Video.
1:25Open Source Telecom Software Survey Results. Alan Quayle, independent. Slides and Video.
1:50How to bring down your own RTC platform. Running DDoS simulations on your own. Sandro Gauci, CEO / Senior Penetration Tester / Chief mischief officer at Enable Security. Slides and Video.
2:15DDoS Workshop. Private session facilitated by Sandro Gauci and Alan Quayle. Private session.
3:00CPaaS Conversational Platforms and Conversational Customer Service – The Experience Gap? Ben Waymark, Chief Technology Officer, Webio. Slides and Video.
3:25Master the Audience Experience Multiverse: AX Best Practices and Success Stories. Ken Herron, Chief Growth Officer, UIB (REMOTE). Slides and Video.
3:50Latest Updates and Experiences in Launching Local Language Tools. Karel Bourgois, Founder Voxist, President Le Voice Lab, Exec Director Slatch, Chapter Pilot France AI Hub. Slides and Video.
4:15Future of WebRTC and Web3 Panel Discussion. Nikki Shum-Harden, ex-VP Marketing Subspace; Jayne Mast, Engineering Manager for DevRel at Daily; Amandine Le Pape, COO & co-founder at Element; Co-founder at The Matrix.org Foundation; Amber Lincoln, VP Customer Success, liveswitch; Tim Panton, Co-founder and CTO at Pi.pe; Arin Sime, CEO/Founder at AgilityFeat and WebRTC.ventures, Co-host of the Scaling Tech Podcast, and host of WebRTC Live. Video.
5:00How to best maximize the conversation data stream for your business? Surbhi Rathore, CEO & Co-Founder, Symbl.ai (REMOTE). Slides and Video.
5:25What Everyone Needs to Know about Protecting the CPaaS Ecosystem from Unlawful Robocalls. Gerry Christensen, VP YouMail. (REMOTE). Slides and Video.
5:50Close freshen up and prepare for dinner
Wednesday 9th Nov
9:00eSIM Reality. Fredric Liljeström, Co-founder and CEO, 10T Tech (REMOTE) Slides and Video
9:25M&A in Communications Technology. Mark White, Tech M&A, Investor, Founder, Board Member, Startup Mentor, SVP Corum Group. (REMOTE) Slides and Video
9:50Are we there yet? DT’s journey with CPaaS as a large Telecom’s grassroots project. Sebastian Schumann, International Network Infrastructure, Deutsche Telekom. Slides and Video
10:15Should Telcos give up on CPaaS? Jesus Cruz Manjavacas, Development Technical Manager at PLAY | GCP Professional Cloud Architect (REMOTE). Slides, Video1 and Video2
10:40OpenSIPS 3.3 – Messaging in the IMS and UC ecosystems. Bogdan-Andrei Iancu, Founder and Developer at OpenSIPS Project. Slides and Video
11:05Architecting your WebRTC application for scalability, Arin Sime and Alberto González Trastoy. Slides and Video
11:30eSIM as Root of Trust for IoT security. João Casal, Head of R&D at Truphone. Slides and Video
11:55Supercharging CPaaS Growth & Margins with Identity and Authentication. Aditya Khurjekar, GM Prove Protocol. Slides and Video
1:00How a Multi-IMSI architecture makes global cellular IoT deployments manageable. Tobias Goebel, Principal Product Marketing Manager, IoT, Twilio (REMOTE). Slides and Video
1:25What makes a cellular IoT API great? Tobias Goebel, Principal Product Marketing Manager, IoT, Twilio (REMOTE). Slides and Video
1:50Great Expectations: The life and times of 5G. Vish (Vishwamitra) Nandlall, VP Technology Strategy & Ecosystems, Dell Technologies. (REMOTE). Slides and Video
2:15Beyond “simply meeting” in a connected world: research and case studies. Luca Pradovera, Lead Solutions Architect, SignalWire. Slides and Video
2:40Building a sub-second virtual ThunderDome: Considerations for mass scale sub-second production broadcasts. Jerod Venema, CEO and Co-Founder, LiveSwitch (REMOTE). Slides and Video
3:05“Don’t” ask your developer! Dinesh Saparamadu, CEO, hSenid Mobile Solutions (REMOTE). Slides and Video
3:30Playing at the intersection of CPaaS and Digital Identity. Kola Layokun, Sr Director of Product Management & Head of CPaaS Engagement, Telesign. (REMOTE) – plan to present at a later TADSummit revisited.
3:55ClueCon Weekly. Come join us for a quick presentation and sign up to be a guest! Luca Pradovera, Lead Solutions Architect, SignalWire.