Podcast 53: TADSummit Innovators, Nikhil Gupta, Vapi YC W21

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Use the vapi voicebot, you’ll be impressed, and check out the docs.

Vapi is a Y Combinator-backed platform so you can easily create a natural-sounding voice-based AI-powered assistant that works. Their focus is all the voicebot challenges on low latency, back-channel, turn of conversation, emotion detection, background noise elimination, integrations (WebRTC, SIP), etc.

It’s a voicebot orchestration platform. That’s their focus, they are not trying to add a voice bot to a call center or programmable communications platform and all the workflows and integrations. That’s your job. It’s simply being the best voicebot interface for humans. That’s the curve they are riding.

Yes there are quite a few competitors, but most are also solving lots of other problems in delivering services to their customers. Using Twilio as an example, they could build a their own voice bot agent, but they have many other issues to solve at the moment. Vapi let’s them focus on those, while augmenting say their IVR services with a natural-sounding, voice agent.

Their focus is bringing customers on their platform to drive development and reach millions of minutes per month over the vapi platform.

Use with the vapi voicebot, you’ll be impressed, check out the docs, and set up a dashboard account to use vapi on your platform. As you see its performance and how customers respond, you can then move more minutes over to them.

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