Podcast 54: TADSummit Innovators, Moodsense, Pam and Rob

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Here is the TADHack pitch video for moodsense by Pam Mishaw and Rob Parham powered by SignalWire. Here’s the webpage for their app. I’m not supposed to express favorites, but all families have relatives that struggle with mental health. This AI therapist combines journaling with mood tracking. There is nothing do download, no apps to open, simply send a text and receive instant, actionable feedback.

Most families do not talk about such struggles, even amongst themselves, that makes things so much worse. A relative can become almost catatonic before things get noticed, we’re all busy. This simple app could become so much more in helping the relative and family, often there is no easy answer, but coping better can be good enough.

In this TADSummit Innovators Podcast Pam and Rob provided some background on their individual experiences. Pam is completing her Masters in Data Science and is looking for an intern position in data science. Rob is a highly experienced full stack developer. To my surprise this was only their second hackathon. Yet what they produced was quite complete and powerful.

Brian West from SignalWire reviewed how he created WireStater for internal development with customers. It meant the environment is controlled, so problem solving can focus on the use of the technology, not its set-up. He provided examples so hackers can start from something that is working and build from there. For the hackathon having experts on the ground is invaluable.

Overall, moodsense demonstrates how powerful the dev tools have become, and how SignalWire’s experiences have created what I considered to be one of the best technology on-ramps I’ve used. And please remember Pam is wrapping up her Masters in Data Science and is looking for an internship in data science. She can be contacted through Linkedin.

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