Podcast 66: Truth in AI, Brian West, SignalWire

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This is a new channel on the TADSummit Podcast, Truth in AI. After the impressive hacks created on SWAIG, SignalWire AI Gateway, thanks to the excellent tooling and resources created by Brian West. He was the perfect first guest. I strongly recommend you review the SWAIG Best Practices.

Here are some of the hacks created on SWAIG:

Johnny is a big fan of SignalWire, having early mover advantage with SWAIG. We highlighted the shift to AI last year in Podcast 9: CPaaSAI. We’ve recently seen GMS positioning as an AI Communications company, rather than SMS aggregator.

The hype in CPaaS during the pandemic was a $70B grift on the stock market. And we’re currently witnessing a $1T grift in AI. That’s why Johnny wants the byline for this session, ‘Geek and The Street’.

Brian has highlighted on Linkedin the faked bot demos. On 8th May he’s giving a LiveWire session on a Simple AI Agent to help you answer your phone for your small business 24/7. SWAIG is a turnkey solution across voice, LLM, and all the scaffolding necessary for integrations with services like Google Calendar, AND guidance on how to successfully prompt.

An important piece of advice Brian provided for success in implementing your agent is to treat is like a human with a personality and show, not tell the agent what it needs to do. Wording is critical, ‘never’ can be interpreted as an absolute, not a condition term.

Most hallucinations are through poor prompts, for example:

A critical issue are guard rails in protecting people when creating bots. This is something Brian and SignalWire takes very seriously in ensuring bots can do not harm. For example, when the prompt states the service is for children many content safeguards are applied. Uploading a voice has similar safeguards to protect from abuse.

This was a fun first Truth in AI podcast. Providing lots of advice and guidance, on building successful AI chatbots, that critically protect people from fraud. Here is the FreeSWITCH video advert mentioned in the podcast. And Brian also mentioned the Animaniac’s song he created using Suno with a sample of his voice.

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