Podcast 58: TADSummit Innovators, TADHack Team Avocado Intelligence from Valencia College

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Avocado Intelligence is an impressive first hack from Valencia College students, Anna Ugay, Anna Corrêa, Kai Nguyen, Luke Clauss, and Ruslana Sigalova. Valencia College has supported TADHack for many years, it’s great to see such as impressive hack from the Valencia College students.

Anna Ugay, Anna Corrêa, and Luke Clauss are seeking internships for the summer in software engineering, cloud computing, and they all bring current AI skills from their work on SignalWire’s AI Gatekeeper. They can be contacted through their Linkedin accounts.

The voicebot, Rebecca, representing Valencia College West Campus, warmly greets callers and collects their information, including name and VID (Valencia College ID), for record-keeping. It is built using SignalWire AI Gateway.

She then inquires about the reason for the call, offering departmental options such as Advising Center, Enrollment Services, and Financial Aid Office. Based on the caller’s choice, Rebecca transfers the call accordingly or provides voicemail options.

Utilizing special instructions, she clarifies ambiguous requests by asking targeted questions based on keywords mentioned. If needed, Rebecca directs callers to the Answer Center for further assistance, ensuring personalized and efficient service throughout the call.

The team gave pitches and demos at both TADHack Open and at Enterprise Connect. Their demos worked despite the large echoey rooms.

Brian West highlighted SWAIG has added transparent barging to improve the voicebot experience. He also reviewed some of the ways the hack can support multiple agents. Well done to everyone involved with such a great hack.

Anna Ugay, , Luke Clauss, Kai Nguyen, Anna Corrêa at Enterprise Connect 2024

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