Podcast 65: TADSummit Innovators, Noah Rafalko, TNID Part 2

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This podcast breaks down how TNID works, how it helps everyone in the ecosystem, and its path to adoption.

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Deep Dive

This is a long podcast, I’ve divided it into an 8 minute preview of some of Noah’s ‘best bits’, and the 1h15 deep dive.

Noah described his journey from traditional telecoms, through VoIP, landline SMS, to the wild west we find ourselves in with rampant spamming, robocalling, and fraud.

Noah is on a mission to create the plumbing of providing secure paths outside of the wild west, where brands and consumers can have TCPA compliant communication that are verifiable thanks to self sovereign communications / identity.

Noah is setting up a meeting with the FCC to share how TNID can stop SIM swap fraud. The carrier and customer have both claimed their identity (TNID profile) and have an existing relationship. A SIM swap request would need the customer’s approval on their preferred channel. No action is possible without that approval.

Focusing on the plumbing enables the existing ecosystem to innovate on top. You can see Noah’s delight of having Matrix become part of the TNID ecosystem in offering secure communications on your existing phone number.

The core idea is using SSI (Self Sovereign Identity, your TNID profile) as the store of your identity, verified credentials, and beyond that the scope of the TNID profile is up to you, for example opt-ins, access rights, approvals, etc. This is not some vast geeky preference setting exercise, simply going about your day with your existing relationships quickly builds the profile, and blocks bad actors.

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