TADSummit Podcast Episode 8

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Bogdan sponsored TADSummit 2023 and provided an excellent keynote, The Symbiosis of Open Source and Industry or how they do self-support one each other – study case of OpenSIPS and SIPhub.

This podcast covered the origin of OpenSIPS, the rise of SIPhub as a method to monetize all the knowledge within the project through the creation of SIP Engines that are licensed. And a frank discussion on how to make money from such a broadly adopted open source project, Johnny’s reactions are quite funny, as he grapples with the how open source works.

Across the many monetization methods I’ve seen in open source telecoms / communications, this is interesting, and I’ll be tracking closely. It’s well aligned to the skills of the team, and delivers a product where the benefits are easy to quantify for the customer.

Truth in Telecoms

A broad review across the industry’s news, such as Tata communications appear to be doubling down on the lawsuits against Kaleyra. We covered Bill’s case here. To my connections in Tata Communications: Tata needs to do their own independent review on what has gone on. Lawyers will keep billing for as long as they can.

There are solutions being discussed that can solve the SMS SPAM problem without the complexity of TCR.

We review how Twilio’s stock price rise to $450 during the pandemic set off a chain of unintended consequences across the industry from Telco jealousy. Which is stifling innovation in the programmable communications industry and now we need to act on multiple fronts:

  • an industry-wide call to action that Twilio must also get involved in; and
  • we must simplify the findings from our earlier analysis on messaging monopolies and TCR, so the general public can realize what is happening.