That’s a Wrap on TADSummit 2023, Looking Forward to TADSummit 2024

Thank you to everyone who took part in and supported (sponsored and partnered) TADSummit 2023. Without your support TADSummit can not happen, it’s as simple as that. In particular our sponsors: StrolidStacuityUnifonicSIPhubJambonz, and TelecomsXchange.

The quality of the content and people sets TADSummit apart. No marketing BS, simply practical insights and advice to help you build your business successfully.

The videos were up in a few days and in less than one week all the content, slides, videos, and analysis. The event is only the beginning of distribution. I’ve been promoting the content and will continue to do so throughout the years. Our original content signposts the future of the industry for years to come. Just check out Unifonic’s roadmap from the Keynotes, I’ll be using that slide quite a few times. All the content is here:

We have a simple mission at TADSummit: 1) Promote the Innovators. 2) Fight for Truth in Telecoms.

We’ve reached an interesting point in the programmable communications / telecoms journey. Twilio’s stock price during the pandemic is partially to blame, their $450 stock price caused a chain of unintended consequences:

1) It made the carriers jealous
2) Hence the rise of the fair share movement from telcos around the world
3) SMS price rises across the board, not just 10DLC in the US, also international SMS termination rates
4) TCR (The Campaign Registry) – supposed to stop SMS spam, but it’s a tax on innovation and doesn’t stop SPAM
5) Rise of AIT (Artificially Inflated Traffic) fraud,  the decline in SMS based 2FA, and the rise of passkeys.

We’re now living with these consequences. However, TADSummit is fighting for the industry, promoting innovators, and showing how we adapt and grow.

The vehicles we use are:

Some of the events we’re evaluating for 2024 are:

  • TADSummit Special (March or April online only) a chance to cover what was missed in October 2023, and share latest updates from the TADS Community, it worked well last year.
  • Thinking about a TADSummit event to bring capital to innovation, possibly in NYC and online
  • Thinking about a TADSummit event in Sri Lanka to showcase the most successful country-wide innovation ecosystem in the world, Ideamart.
  • Seeking your guidance on if, when, and where in Europe, as well as all the plans
  • TADHack Open (23-24 March) before Enterprise Connect 2024 (25-28 March)
  • TADHack Global, possibly around the time of TADSummit in Sri Lanka

My requests are:

  • If you want to be on the TADSummit Podcast as an Innovator like Thomas, Dave, Ameed, Bodgan, Arin, Mike and Tim, Karel, and Karim; just let me know.
  • We need sponsors and partners for 2024; and I need your help to wrangle sponsors and partners, Thank you.
  • If you want to be part of any of the events just let me know. We’re fighting for the innovators of programmable telecoms.
Meeting new and old friends face to face after too many years. There seems to be a black and beige theme going on 🙂

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