Podcast 42: TADSummit Innovators, The Czar knocks it out of the park!

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WOW! Check out this clip from the Czar, Eric Troutman, where he makes the case that TCR (The Campaign Registry) is against free speech. Which we also made the case in the Messaging Monopolies.

Subscribe to the Czar’s channel as the interview with Johnny will be coming out soon.

SMS is an IP service, it’s unregulated. Yet through the TCR the carriers are able to control speech as the Czar points out.

We covered this in the Telecom Triopoly post, TCR is their design to extract their fair share from SMS. But it also enables so much more control.

TADSummit channel is still in the naughty box of YouTube. Podcast 41 campaign was disapproved for edited video. And again we’re not violating YouTube’s policies. I’m hoping this problem will be resolved soon as someone has a malicious campaign against the TADSummit Channel.

Anyway, just wanted to highlight Eric’s video on the TCR’s impact on free speech, and to recommend you subscribe to the Czar’s channel. The ‘Johnny’ interview should be interesting.

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