Podcast 39: TADSummit Innovators, Ameed Jamous, OpenTextShield

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Back in September Ameed introduced us to himself and TelecomsXChange on Podcast 4. This episode is diving into his AI projects, OpenTextShield and the TelecomsXChange ChatGPT interface.

OpenTextShield is an open source project that detects spam and phishing. Its free under an MIT license. Every carrier and aggregator should be implementing this now to protect their customers.

Seriously, anyone can deploy it today on their SMSC or other messaging platforms. The project has experimented with 2 text classification tools BERT (Google) and FastText (Meta). Along with OpenAI (which is too slow, with response times of 30 seconds). BERT is prefered given its accuracy and performance.

Ameed ran through some demos showing the different tools and their performance. He’s implementing OpenTextField on TelecomsXChange SMSC, so all his customers have this as an option to protect their customers from spam and phishing. And provide the options around customer experience, e.g. block delivery, deliver with a warning and URLs disabled or removed, etc.

On the TelecomsXChange ChatGPT interface, Ameeds showed searching for rates, numbers, making calls and sending SMS etc. It showed how APIs will diminish and be replaced with prompts as the way businesses consume SaaS. And how telcos can similarly offer such interfaces to their business customers.

If you take one thing from this Podcast is implement OpenTextShield on your platform now to protect you customers and employees from spam and phishing.

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