Podcast 15: Truth in Telecoms. Booyah! A line in the sand.

Johnny is either lucky or prescient or perhaps a bit of both. He’s been highlighting the importance of Swifties on social issues. Spam SMS and robocalling have become critical social issues in the US due to ineffective action and messaging monopolies within the Telecom ecosystem. And Time Magazine’s woman of the year is Taylor Swift! What I thought was a wishful idea on effecting change, may prove right.

For those that discount the Breitbart article on bias in political messaging because of its source. There’s also the Real Clear Policy article from the other side of the political spectrum. They drawn the same conclusion on bias, and hence lack of trust in the Messaging Monopolies.

We appear to be sleepwalking into a firestorm on political messaging, and A2P messaging in general, through the election year of 2024 and beyond. While the FCC is having its end of year parties with the CTIA and other messaging monopolies, they need to skip the parties and get to urgently clearing up the mess the US finds itself in on spam SMS and robocalling. It’s a national disgrace!

In this podcast we review Twilio’s most recent layoffs precipitated by Wall Street, Booyah! You know he Wall Street commentator I’m referring to. The success of many TADSummit Innovators over the past couple of months, especially after they do a TADSummit Innovators podcast. And Tata Communications continuing where Kaleyra left off on the TCR and mistreatment of Bill Peters.

Given how Wall Street is talking Twilio up/down depending on the target audience, and Twilio has another infection of Activist Investors. A round of layoffs was unfortunately possible, though I was hoping against hope they would resist. After we’d finished recording this podcast Wall Street was talking Twilio up.

Cutting from the division building Twilio’s future, Data and Applications, is my greatest concern. CDP (Customer Data Platform), LLMs (Large Language Models, aka AI), and integration into Twilio’s Customer Dashboard is the future for many in the programmable comms / CPaaSAI industry. Twilio’s stock is up, close to $70, but at what cost to its future?

As an industry we can not simply standby and continue with the current situation on SMS spam, robocalling, messaging monopolies, TCR, abuse of Bill Peters for simply doing his job. We MUST draw a line in the sand, and fight for Truth in Telecoms.

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