Podcast 14: TADSummit Innovators, Ken Herron, UIB

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TADSummit Innovators, Ken Herron, UIB

Johnny gives a preview of what’s coming on Friday’s Truth in Telecoms. How Jim Cramer appears to be the new Twilio CEO. See my post on how Wall Street are hampering Twilio’s future (8k impressions). How Wall Street has decided we’re now called CPaaSAI – you heard it on this podcast first. More on Tata, and global misdeeds of the SMS aggregation industry.

I’ve known UIB since its founding when I met Toby Ruckert in Singapore back in 2014. Back then Toby was talking about the importance and challenges of omnichannel communications and bots. Today UIB’s time has come, they are the archetype CPaaSAI company.

I’ve kept in touch Toby, always reminding him about the TADSummit and TADHack plans for that year 😉 In 2021 Toby introduced me to Ken, and Ken has delivered world-class presentations and insights since:

Ken reviews the essence of UIB’s success, that is being human in building highly successful channel relationships (a world-class strength in my opinion) and in implementing bots tuned to the local market or application specific needs (check out the above TADSummit videos).

Because UIB has been working in this space for nearly 10 years they have a powerful platform that makes it easy to integrate into an existing environment, with an extensive body of intellectual property (patents, integrations, and experience).

I’ve learned much from Ken on how powerful bots can become when built on the right platform, focused on the specific customer needs and situation. For example, Hannah the city concierge for City of Schwäbisch Gmünd in Germany.

They’re looking for investors / buyers, and I’m sure will not be on the market long. Johnny is also looking to make them an offer!