TADSummit Asia 2021 Agenda (Draft)

Through May 2021 we will publish presentations daily. There are lots of sessions to add to this agenda. I’m excited about all the content we have planned, it’s going to be fun and insightful. TADSummit is the event for programmable communications, since 2013.


Mindful Connections

Sami Mäkeläinen, Head of Strategic Foresight at Telstra. Technologist | Humanist | Pragmatist

  • Are we breeding complexity or simplicity?
    • Position: Indiscriminately gluing everything together with IOT and APIs, especially when in search of efficiency, can breed (and has bred) systems that are fragile, unsafe, and inherently dangerous.
  • Are we coupling things that are best left uncoupled?
    • Position: some things are better left uncoupled, or coupled with slack in them. This does not come naturally to systems engineers, so some thoughtful consideration needs to go into the process.
  • We need to connect the right things and connect them right.
    • Start with pre-mortems, and more holistic systems analysis.


Airtel IQ: Transforming customer engagement by embedding real-time communications

Ankit Goel, VP & Head Engineering – Digital Enterprise Business at airtel X Labs
Ishan Bansal, Engineering at airtel X Labs

Airtel IQ is the first Telco grade unified cloud communication suite, that drives customer engagement – anytime anywhere.

  • Customer experience – the brand differentiator
  • Why Airtel – Challenges with existing Cloud communication platforms, market opportunity and Airtel advantage
  • Make Marketing Smarter, Personalise Customer Experience, Make Operations Intelligent
  • The platform – Robust, Intuitive, Secure (features under each capability area)
  • How we did it with Product and Engineering partnership – Customer first mindset, incubation program
  • Tech journey – Asterisk, Kamailio – 100% home grown
  • Customer credentials – couple of complex customer use cases we pulled-up
  • Future plans

Evolution of Telecommunication Service Providers, from Legacy to Digital

Namal Jayathilake, VP Engineering – Emerging Technologies, Axiata Digital Labs

  • Why Telcos need to be digitally enabled
  • Typical challenges of a traditional Telco
  • The evolution of traditional telco – Technology architecture evolution
  • The evolution of traditional telco – Role of tech teams in a digital Telco
  • Emerging digital business models and how to leverage those

Conversational Intelligence

Identity and Fraud

Open Source

Web is Communications

Dominique Hazael-Massieux, W3C, Web Technology Expert & Software Engineer

Beyond WebRTC, the Open Web Platform expanding capabilities are helping make Web browsers a key component of existing and future communication systems: this presentation will review the ongoing work in W3C that paves the way for what future Web-based communication systems may look like.

Introduction of ASTPP – A Smart TelePhony Platform

Samir Doshi, Co-Founder and Director, iNextrix Technologies

  • What is ASTPP?
  • Business challenges
  • How can ASTPP help businesses?
  • Key Features
  • Deployments & use cases

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