EVA from Sri Lanka, Ruwan Dissanayaka & Thushara Rankothge

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Outline: The award winning chatbot platform EVA from Sri Lanka for any business to increase the brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Ruwan Dissanayaka, Co-Founder/CEO at Extrogene Software Pvt Ltd.
Thushara Rankothge, Co-Founder/CTO at Extrogene Software Pvt Ltd.

EVA – Extrogene Virtual Assistant is an award winning chatbot platform for any business where it supports many use cases of businesses to automate the conversations on facebook messenger.

The Presentation will include the details about EVA chatbot platform and how it can be used for businesses to increase their brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Presentation Review

You can ask Ruwan and Thushara any questions about their presentation in the comments section of this weblog, or contact them directly with the info at the end of their presentation.

Ruwan and Thushara were one of the first TADHack Global winners, all the way back in 2014. From that success they’ve built Extrogene Software into an award-winning powerhouse of service creation, as described in their presentation.

EVA (Extrogene Virtual Assistant) is a chatbot creation platform focused on Facebook Messenger. Especially in the Middle East and Asia, SMS has become a distant second fiddle to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE and WeChat when it comes to messaging.

EVA has a series of templates for common chatbot use cases, no coding is required. And you can customize the templates as well. Businesses large and small can now respond to customers and prospects quickly and accurately over social media.

I recommend you check out EVA in Motion and have a go in creating your own EVA, it’s easy and fun. Plus they have the analytics and dashboards you need to monitor and improve EVA for your specific applications.

Thank you Ruwan and Thushara for sharing your award winning service EVA.

4 thoughts on “EVA from Sri Lanka, Ruwan Dissanayaka & Thushara Rankothge”

  1. Hi Ruwan, I have a few questions:
    1) Can EVA work on other messaging platforms, like WhatsApp?
    2) What are some of the templates available in EVA? And which template is the most commonly used?
    3) Would you describe how some of your customers are using EVA?
    4) What are some of the common challenges businesses face when implementing chatbots?
    5) How are businesses making their customers aware of their chatbots?

    1. Hi Alan,
      Thank you for bringing up these important questions related EVA and Chatbots.
      We would love to answer as follows.

      1. Right now it works on Facebook, Messenger and on websites as a messenger plugin.
      We do web based, Whatsapp, Viber chat integration upon client requirement under customized development.

      2. Helpdesk assistant, Customer support, Contact Collector, Sales Assistant and Customised Assistant.
      Helpdesk and the Sales Assistant, Customised Assistant are the ones that are mostly used.

      3. Basic Help Desk Assistant is used by some merchants. So that there won’t be delays in responding to their customers.
      Sales Assistant is used by some customers where they get product orders from customers through messenger itself and then login to EVA dashboard to process orders.

      4. Generally they face the problem of setting up chat flows that suit the nature of the business. Not having straightforward and simple ways to collect and view information.
      These pain points have been addressed by EVA.

      5. Messenger shows a get started button for the first time users when a chatbot is activated on messenger. For other users the chatbot will start responding to the customers when they send messages.

      If the customer comes to messenger by some promotion or a post, then chatbot will handle it. There are a number of ways to bring customers to messenger. Some methods would be:

      EVA direct links:
      With EVA direct links they can do their promotions and posts so that anyone who clicks the link, will be responded to by EVA on messenger.

      Messenger targeted advertisements:
      Any promotions that will lead customers to send messages to page, will also be responded to by EVA.

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