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TADSummit Asia 2021 Agenda

Sponsored by Through May 2021 we will publish presentations daily. I’m excited about all the content we have planned, it’s going to be fun and insightful. TADSummit is the event for programmable communications, since 2013. TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) Version of Agenda Welcome. Programmable Communications Review, Alan Quayle, independent Keynotes Mindful Connections, Sami Mäkeläinen, … Continue reading TADSummit Asia 2021 Agenda

Introduction to Kamailio, by Fred Posner

Introduction to Kamailio by Fred Posner, Kamailio, SIP, Open Source VoIP Consultant Fred’s session covers: What is Kamailio? What isn’t Kamailio? Why do people choose Kamailio? Key Features Scaling SIP / RTC with Kamailio Securing SIP / RTC with Kamailio apiban.org a free, public API to help secure your Internet facing PBX, SBC, or VoIP System … Continue reading Introduction to Kamailio, by Fred Posner