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A Slice of TADSummit: Potpourri

One of the fun aspects of running events is crafting the agenda to include content not yet mainstream in programmable communications or under-represented or simply interesting. In this weblog the potpourri includes: Keynotes Accelerating Women Tech inclusion with effective usage of Telco API, Sammani Kusaladharma, Dialog Axiata Mindful Connections, Sami Mäkeläinen, Telstra Identity and Fraud. TeleSign’s Findings … Continue reading A Slice of TADSummit: Potpourri

Weekend Insights from Week 1 of TADSummit Asia 2021

TADSummit’s policy covers equality, openness (no BS), leadership, and active participation. While the online format limits the later policy; the rest were fully on display through week 1 of TADSummit Asia. This weblog provides an easy way to access this week’s presentations. The full TADSummit Asia 2021 agenda is here. Through the coming 3 weeks … Continue reading Weekend Insights from Week 1 of TADSummit Asia 2021

Keynote, Mindful Connections, Sami Mäkeläinen

Video and Slides Keynote Outline: Mindful Connections Sami Mäkeläinen, Head of Strategic Foresight at Telstra. Technologist | Humanist | Pragmatist Are we breeding complexity or simplicity? Position: Indiscriminately gluing everything together with IoT and APIs, especially when in search of efficiency, can breed (and has bred) systems that are fragile, unsafe, and inherently dangerous. Are … Continue reading Keynote, Mindful Connections, Sami Mäkeläinen

TADSummit Asia 2021 Agenda

Sponsored by TADSummit is the event for programmable communications, since 2013. All presentations below were given during the month of May 2021. Click on a presentation of interest in the TL;DR agenda to see the outline of that session, and then click on the > Link to slides, video, summary and Q&A < to go … Continue reading TADSummit Asia 2021 Agenda