Weekend Insights from Week 1 of TADSummit Asia 2021

TADSummit’s policy covers equality, openness (no BS), leadership, and active participation. While the online format limits the later policy; the rest were fully on display through week 1 of TADSummit Asia. This weblog provides an easy way to access this week’s presentations.

The full TADSummit Asia 2021 agenda is here. Through the coming 3 weeks you’ll see more insightful presentations frankly sharing experiences and some that could revolutionize the programmable communications industry. That last point is not an over-statement, you’ll see 😉

Keynote, Mindful Connections, Sami Mäkeläinen

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Sami sets out an excellent review of the systemic failures being created given the increasing coupling and interactions of communication systems.

He leaves us with 3 actionable steps:

  1. Not every connection is a good connection – what could go wrong?
  2. Avoid creating brittle systems by focusing purely on efficiency, embrace purposeful inefficiency.
  3. Help change the culture to be more like safety critical industries. People’s privacy, confidentiality, safety, well-being are critically important to your business. Facebook’s annual, ‘oops we messed up again with your data again’, is no longer tenable.

Keynote, Accelerating Women Tech inclusion with effective usage of Telco API, Sammani Kusaladharma

Click on the title to go to the weblog with the video, slides, outline, review and Q&A. Please like and share the videos, slides and weblog; help get the message out there.

I’m a big fan of what Ideamart has achieved. It’s a country-wide innovation ecosystem, that engages the whole country. We’ve worked together since the first TADHack Global in 2014.

In my opinion every telco and CPaaS provider should be implementing their version of Ideamart for Women.

Voice technology for Healthcare, Dr. Shona D’Arcy

This is an excellent introduction to the many uses of speech recognition in the Healthcare industry, which accounts for about half the voice technology investment.

OpenSIPS. Or How One Open Source Software Project Disrupts all Telecom Customs! Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

Open Source Software, and OpenSIPS in particular, enable you to build a telecoms infrastructure based on modern software design principles, backed by a global community. Where you control the core value creation (scripts and implementation) to be able to operate in internet-time (changes made in hours/days) versus traditional box and wire telecom-time of months/years. The programmable communication industry (RingCentral, 8X8, Talkdesk, Twilio) has shown its possible.

Intelligent Call Center Software to Empower Your Business, Arpit Modi

I particularly like Arpit’s presentation as its a straightforward explanation of the businesses challenges across customer-facing operations (sales, marketing, and support) and how their intelligent call center helps address those challenges; with straightforward language like ‘algorithms’ rather than the passé marketing term AI.

Welcome to TADSummit Asia 2021 + Programmable Communications Review

I released this Programmable Communications Review early to help raise awareness for TADSummit Asia 2021. The slides seem quite popular, so I show below.