Introduction to Kamailio, by Fred Posner

Introduction to Kamailio by Fred Posner, Kamailio, SIP, Open Source VoIP Consultant

Fred’s session covers:

  • What is Kamailio?
  • What isn’t Kamailio?
  • Why do people choose Kamailio?
  • Key Features
  • Scaling SIP / RTC with Kamailio
  • Securing SIP / RTC with Kamailio
  • a free, public API to help secure your Internet facing PBX, SBC, or VoIP System from known bad SIP actors

Started in 2001 with the SIP Express Router (SER) project by Fokus Research Institute, Berlin, Germany. Kamilio is a building block of many VoIP infrastructures. Used in conjunction with other projects like Asterisk and FreeSWITCH. Its core services include:

  • proxy
  • registrar
  • balancer or router application server
  • no PBX, more like a router
  • only about signaling, no media data
  • foundation for custom high-performance SIP services

In the open source telecom software survey I completed last year the feedback from the community demonstrated how Kamailio is the archetype of how to run a successful open source project. With a clear separation between community and commercial interests.

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