Open Source Telecom Software Landscape

Open Source Telecom Software Landscape by Alan Quayle, with the support of hundreds of people across Open Source Telecom Software

There are tens of successful Open Source Telecom Software projects, with vibrant communities supporting them. Asterisk, the most successful and longest running, is 20 years old. We’ll hear from them at TADSummit Asia. Others include:

  • Kamailio, openSIPS, dratchio and freePBX – all presenting at TADSummit Asia;
  • Other projects described but not presenting include: Wazo, FreeSWITCH, Homer, SIP3, FusionPBX, KAZOO, 2600Hz, Elastix, Vicidial, Janus, Jitsi, Restcomm, and many many more.

We’ll also review the results from an anonymous survey of open source telecom software. Comparing the different projects, the preferred application areas of the projects, common issues and solutions, sharing where the industry sees these projects in 5 years’ time.

In adoption of open source telecom software Asia lags all other regions. Yet given the diversity of needs across Asia, OSS (Open Source Software) is best suited to meet the needs and price points of the region. Rather than solutions built in North America for large enterprises where long lists of features are the judging criteria of the buying IT departments.

The local value add resellers, integrators and managed services providers have a massive opportunity across Asia to use open source to build local solutions to local needs (and price points) with local support. Open Source telecom software is a key pillar for Asian entrepreneurs to close the CXTech revenue gap. TADSummit Asia aims to educate and introduce the projects’ leadership.

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