Week 1 of TADSummit Asia 2020 Thought Leadership

TADSummit 2020
We’ve completed the first full week of TADSummit Asia 2020, with 3 more weeks to go of Asia focused thought-leadership in programmable communications / telecoms. Here are the presentations given so far:

The CXTech Landscape is a bottom-up build across most of the companies in programmable communications / telecoms landscape. This enables a regional revenue breakdown, a breakdown by company size, and most importantly quantifies the revenue gap facing Asia in CXTech.

Last week we examined how Asian programmable telecom innovators are closing that gap with interviews from Ruwan Dissanayaka, Co-Founder and CEO at Extrogene Software and Devadas Krishnan, Chief Executive Officer at MySchoolPage.

This week we’re delving into the important technology of open source telecom software. Upon which the CXTech industry is built; that Asia can harness to solve the CXTech revenue gap, and meet the unique challenges across Asia of highly diverse markets.

There are many other interesting presentations including:

A Reminder on How TADSummit Asia Works

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