Welcome to TADSummit Asia 2020

Welcome TADSummit Asia 2020

Welcome to TADSummit Asia 2020. The focus of TADSummit is programmable communications / telecoms. Some people prefer communications, others telecoms, we do not mind either is OK.

Thank you to our sponsors for making TADSummit Asia 2020 possible:  SangomaAsteriskVoIP Innovations (Apidaze), and TeleSign. We’ll be featuring the TeleSign TeleTalks through the year in the TADSummit agenda, with the first presentation on the 30th April about Digital Identity For Seamless Onboarding April 30 @ 10am CET I 4pm CST.


Why TADSummit is Unique

TADSummit is unique because we explicitly have a no BS policy. The telecoms / enterprise communications industry is filled with nonsense, and we try to cut through that for the benefit of everyone involved.

TADSummit’s sister event is TADHack, largest global programmable telecoms hackathon for 7 years straight. This which enables us to demonstrate year after year the massive social and commercial impact of programmable communications; and bring innovative new blood into the real-time communications industry.

If you are a CIO trying to understand CPaaS, UCaaS, CCaaS, chatbots, cloud communications, omni-channel communications. TADSummit will provide clarity and independence of insight.

If you are a technology or service provider in this segment you will learn from peers with a track record of success. To help you create the future faster.

For Telcos / CSPs (Communication Service Providers) it provides independent thought leadership on the future of telecoms today.

For developers and students, TADSummit provides an insight to an exciting technology space that can set your career on a fast-track.

For regulators and thought-leaders you’ll learn from the brain trust of the growth engine revolutionizing communications / telecoms, a $1.2 Trillion industry.

How TADSummit Asia Works

Starting 4th May we will release fresh content daily (during the week).

Presentation will be embedded in the TADSummit Asia Agenda.

The TADSummit Agenda will also link to weblogs with more analysis on the presentations and where you can discussion the presentations in the comments section.

All presentations / weblogs will include how to contact the presenter / organization, so you can discuss directly with them.

We’ll also promote the fresh content on social media daily (Twitter and Linkedin, but never Facebook #DeleteFacebookForever).

Towards the end of May, those topics which generated lots of discussion will have a dedicated panel amongst relevant experts.

Welcome Video and Presentation

Don’t forget to sign up to the TeleSign TeleTalk on 30th April, and get ready for some fun full weeks through May of original insightful content in programmable communications.