TADSummit EMEA Americas 2021

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TADSummit is the event for programmable communications since 2013. All presentations, workshops, and panel discussions will be given during the month of November 2021. Click on a session of interest in the TL;DR agenda to see its outline. We’ll add in all the session timings over the summer.

We’re going to be virtual again (prolonged pandemic) with a mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions. We plan on 10-11th Nov being the core of the live sessions running from 3-6PM CET / 9-noon ET, for keynotes and hot topics so we can all gather in real time. Around that we will have live workshops and pre-recorded sessions.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) Version of Agenda


Programmable Communications Review

Alan Quayle, independent consultant, founder TADSummit & TADHack

  • Welcome to TADSummit EMEA Americas – how it works.
  • Landscape, Market Sizing, and Growth
  • Trends and Strategy
  • 2021 Review: prolonged pandemic, impressive valuations, and crazy consolidation


The ‘Alan thinks this topic is important’ Keynote: Data isn’t just valuable, it’s going to save the planet!

Miles Cheetham, Co-Chair Open Energy Steering Group, developing standards-based marketplaces for environmental & financial data.

  • How Open Banking proved how we could share data securely at scale (and we’ve now realised that it’s one use case of many)
  • Open Energy showed how the approach and infrastructure is transferable to other sectors (and that interoperability across sectors is possible)
  • What else is possible? (when you start thinking about what you can do with data, you realise the wealth of use cases and problems you can solve)
  • How data will lead us to better decisions (informing corporate and consumer behaviour, investments/use of capital etc.)
  • What we need to do to make this real? (what government, treasuries, regulators and industry need to do)

The Challenges and Opportunities of merging UCaaS and CCaaS.

João Camarate, CTO Broadvoice and GoContact.

  • Broadvoice has bought GoContact. João, the founder / CTO of GoContact and a TADSummit regular, will become the CTO for both companies which will continue to operate as separate brands.
  • João will share his perspective on the challenges and opportunities of merging UCaas and CCaaS providers. More details coming soon.


Media CPaaS

Conversation Intelligence

Open Source

APIBAN: Protecting you from unwanted SIP traffic

Fred Posner, Senior VoIP Engineer, VoIP Consultant, LOD Communications

  • APIBAN helps identify known bad actors before they attack your system
  • Simple API queries / JSON responses
  • Open Source client to automatically integrate into iptables
  • Free (as in beer) service from LOD.com

TADHack Global Review


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